Why Flat Rate NOW?

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Increase deal value

Current users of Flat Rate NOW have seen the value of jobs increase by 14% due to customers showing more reluctance to question prices and plumbers being more adept at up-selling using their new App.

Close more sales

Current users have seen a significant increase in their sales efficiency. Quote Acceptance has risen by 25%, leading to increased revenue and reduced wastage.

Reduce marketing costs

For current users, increased sales efficiency supports a 10% reduction in marketing costs, or offers the chance to increase the number of plumbers on the job.

Immediate return on your Investment

For current users, the return on investment was made within 1 day of using the system, or if you include the price of the tablet, within 1 week.

Save time on site

Designs are completed and quotes calculated in minutes. Quotes can be copied and amended to offer alternatives. Share them with the customer and the office, so everyone from storeman, to manager, to purchaser and to dispatcher knows what is happening and what they need to do.

Give your plumbers confidence when selling

Not everyone is comfortable writing quotes and proposals, spelling and calculations can contain mistakes. Some feel uncomfortable up-selling or asking for extra money. The app helps with all of this, no writing, no spelling, no maths – add-ons and associated services are advertised alongside the original Task. Detailed explanations of the purpose and activities of each task are available to the customer.

Increase customer satisfaction

Customers like to feel they are being given a straight deal, that the price of the tasks required to fix their problem is consistent with the market – computer calculated prices and well formatted quotes and invoices with detailed explanations and correct grammar and spelling help to reassure them that the service they will receive be of quality and the price they pay is fair.

Increase the intelligence in your business

Collect the data generated by Flat Rate NOW and build sales and activity reports on tasks and sales people. Which tasks need to be discounted most to sell? Which sales people need to discount most to sell? Which tasks and which sales people achieve the highest/lowest predicted margin? Which tasks and tradespeople achieve the highest/lowest actual margin? Over time use this history to fine tune your pricing, marketing and training.

Reward people on actual performance

Apply bonuses on margin attained, not on the value of total sale. Reward up-selling by differentiating between ‘job quoted’ and ‘margin achieved’.