Optimising the Social Proof Of your Business

What is Social Proof?




Social proof is the concept that people will follow the actions of the masses. Consumers rarely want to be the first to jump into the unknown. If the masses are doing it, then it must be alright.

Social Proof is easily explained with Food. How many times have you been at a restaurant and seen an item on the menu, unsure if it is any good, you ask around the table, “Has anyone had Item #24?”. If someone on the table says “Yes, I have tried them”, regardless of whether or not it was enjoyed, you are more likely to try Item #24 than you were before. If no-one on the table has tried Item #24, you are far less likely to give it a go.  

How can Trustpilot help my business?

Trustpilot offers the world’s largest online review platform, with some 220,000 companies facilitating over 50,000,000 millions world-wide. Each review can be shared across all your social media accounts, growing your brand-awareness and social proofing much faster than ever before!

Connecting Trustpilot to Flat Rate NOW will streamline your Customer Review process, replacing the remnants of a forgotten manual process many business owners attempt in their minimal spare time. You will also enjoy; 

  • Automated Customer Review requests
  • Increase chance of receiving reviews by up to 30%
  • Access to your own Dashboard
  • Instantly share your reviews across your social media accounts
  • Unique customer links authenticates the reviews
  • Reduced anonymous and fake reviews
  • Products built for your website to automatically showcase your 5 Star Reviews


A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush

Do you remember Sophia? She loved the service your plumbing company provided. You’ve already had the ‘slap forehead moment’, because you forgot to get her to provide a review.

In a business where generating a lead can cost up to $300 in Marketing, customer reviews are worth their weight in gold.

Turn on the Trustpilot Integration with your Flat Rate NOW today and don’t miss out on those 5 star reviews!

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