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Flat Rate NOW is easy to use.

After an hour of training your Plumbers will be able to Quote, Sell and Invoice Jobs from the customer’s location, and Managers will have a near real time view of every Quote and Invoice wherever they are.

On Premise Training

Flat Rate NOW Training is performed on your premises. Each Plumber attending will need a tablet computer so they can practise using the App. Back Office staff will need access to the Internet. We recommend spending an hour with each group before the start of the day.


Deployments are most successful when a smaller target group of Plumbers is chosen initially, these will quickly become proficient, and then a full deployment can be done.

Ongoing Coaching

FAQs are provided, but ongoing coaching is available to answer ‘How do I?’ questions for the first month. Simply call the number provided.

Transforming your Business

For customers seeking to move to a Flat Rate business model, we have a training partner who will be able to assist with training and coaching and process design.