The 3S Tradie Sales Course Hosted By Molokini Consulting

Flat Rate NOW is excited to announce that we will be at Molokini Consulting’s 3S Tradie Sales Course.

On the 30th of October at Castle Grand, Castle Hill, attendees will get access to a sales training course that provides an understanding of fixed rate pricing and how you integrate it within your sale process.

Combining the two, you will also understand how software like Flat Rate NOW is integrated into your sale process so you can join other plumbing & electrical businesses improving their bottom line by as much as 30%!

Here is a brief insert about the event:

Introducing the Service Worlds most effective and easy to use Trade Services Sales Process, 3S Tradie Sales Course.

How many sales trainings have you attended for learning how to sell plumbing, electrical or HVAC and found that they are very complex or confusing and you can’t remember the scripts. The reality is you are not called to a job to act out a movie script, whether it is 15, 12 or 7 steps to creating a sale, the fact is the customer is expecting you to do the job and not just make happy chat and observations about their home. Let’s face it you don’t want them thinking you are casing the joint!

Click below to find out more about this event!

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