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At Flat Rate NOW it is important to us to provide you with the best product, best service and exceed your expectations of a Digital Pricing App for your business. Read below to hear what current users have to say about their experience with Flat Rate NOW.

If you’re new to Flat Rate NOW we’d love you to take the time to review your experience with us as it helps other customers researching plumbing software.  It gives prospective clients a true perspective on the service you received and enables us to continually make changes to provide outstanding service in the future.

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What significant improvement has Flat Rate NOW made to current users’ plumbing businesses?

“Easier to quote large amount of items fast. No paperwork”

“I love the fact it is digital and most of the tasks I require are in there.”
“Increase in sales.”
“I’m Charging more. Less Paperwork. Quicker quotes. Customers don’t challenge my pricing if it says so on a screen in front of them”
“Higher profits. Less stress. Less confusion with prices. Time saving”
“It’s better for the fact the pre-made descriptions and pictures are helpful, quicker for the admin side and for the client to see the different prices so they can see what they’re saving.”

Customer Feedback

Flat Rate NOW is an easy to use app which allows my plumbers to quote their own jobs and sell more tasks in front of the customer.  I started using Flat Rate NOW because I was fed up with charging customers by the hour. I found that customers would pick apart the invoice with how much material cost etc whereas Flat Rate NOW enabled my plumbers to be able to quote customers a price then and there on site and take payment on completion of the works which has saved a huge amount of admin time and has also improved cash flow. Customers also like this process.  Two significant improvements that Flat Rate NOW has made to my business is that it has saved a huge amount of admin time and it has improved cash flow dramatically. I would recommend Flat Rate NOW to any service based company. This program is really easy to use and you will see great results to your bottom line when using this program correctly.

Ben Hern, Reactive Plumbing Services. January 2018

Flat Rate Now has changed the way we do business. Long gone are the days of having to put together manual quotes for Customers based on mounds of different booklets, calculations and price lists. Flat Rate Now does all of that for us automatically. It has been programmed to suit our particular business and makes quoting an easy and straight forward process. We can confidently send our guys out on the road to see Customers and know that they will be able to quote accurately and expediently on an iPad.

Flat Rate Now is easy to use and provides Customers with on the spot quotes where they can see clearly how we price. This transparency in pricing and our ability to quote jobs on the spot (while still at a Customer's house) has boosted our sales significantly as Customers are confident that they are being charged fairly.
Paul Skordilis

Paul Skordilis, Sydney Premium Plumbing.  January 2018

Far more than just a price book.

It's a great user experience and great for selling. The software really is a work of art

Chad, Sunshine West, VIC

True Local Customer Feedback

True Local Flatratenow.net

True Local 5stars Flat Rate Now

Recommend this App service to anyone in the industry from big to small. With the free month period, watch as you get to spend more time with your family and friends.I feel better using this system as is more straight forward than others.You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.  A+

amt89, True Local, January 2018

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