Purchase Our Up-Front Pricing Plumbing Software

Flat Rate NOW is Australia’s premium flat rate pricing plumbing app, allowing plumbing professionals to provide their customers with a fixed price quote before any work is done.

The software integrates an easy-to-use system with over 800 tasks that allows for efficient calculations of pricing for a job.

This is important as you do not want to have to keep changing an itemised list whilst doing a job.

Flat Rate NOW is highly efficient software for businesses in the following plumbing fields:

  • Hot water plumbing installation and maintenance
  • Gasfitting
  • Roofing, rainwater tanks, and guttering
  • Blocked drains servicing and drainage repair

Flat Rate NOW easily integrates with your field service management, accounting software, business website, and uses structured emails to allow strata customers to create jobs.

How can we help increase business efficiency?

Flat Rate NOW can help assist your business productivity in these ways:

  • Increase deal value
  • Reduce marketing costs
  • Save time on a plumbing site
  • Immediate returns on investing in the software
  • Confidence for your plumbers when selling
  • Increases the intelligence of your business
  • Rewards plumbers on their performance
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Close more sales and create a higher quote acceptance rate

What purchase options do we provide?

We provide our up-front pricing plumbing software in a range of purchase options. This includes:

  • Individual Plan – for one user, includes a 30-day free trial
  • Small – for two users, trial included
  • Medium – available for use by five people, includes free trial
  • Large – for use by up to ten people, including the 30-day free trial period
  • Enterprise – for large-scale plumbing businesses and can be used by up to 20 people, includes free trial.

Contact us to find out more about our software

If you would like to find out more about how our flat rate pricing plumbing app can help your business increase productivity and sales efficiency, please do not hesitate to contact our staff.

Call 0413 601 612 and our friendly team will be able to assist you with any enquiries you may have about the software.

All Flat Rate NOW subscriptions come with a 30 DAY FREE TRIAL

If you are not happy, cancel your subscription within 30 days and you will not be charged.