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Does Flat Rate NOW work with your current process? Are you looking to upgrade your processes and streamline your sales process with Flat Rate NOW? Employ a Flat Rate NOW Partner to develop and implement your new process allows you to keep focusing on your business and upgrade your business at the same time, without the additional stress.

The Flat Rate NOW Partner will assist you from initial consultation through to setup and training of your staff, with the one single goal of achieving a fat and painless process.

Our partner are external businesses who will charge for their services.


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Get In The Cloud Business Solutions provides solutions for running your business more efficiently, saving you both time and money while boosting your bottom line. We offer a range of services, tailored to your individual needs, to assist you in the automation and improved efficiency of the back end of your business. Specialising in working with trade businesses, we offer cloud based software solutions to optimise your job management, debtor tracking, expense tracking, inventory and accounts. Let us work with you towards achieving your goals whether it be business growth, improved profits or simply more time to yourself instead of spending countless hours on administration.  Phone: 0403 704 197

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