Next Generation

The Original and the Best…

In 1995, The Master Plumbers Network and Nice & Easy Multimedia introduced the Flat Rate Pricing System to Sydney.

Freed from Time and Materials quoting…

The Plumbers who bought the MPN Price books and implemented Flat Rate sales models have become some the most successful plumbers in Sydney. Flat Rate NOW is the next generation App for Flat Rate Plumbers.

Instead of using a price book and a Quote pad and pen….. with Flat Rate NOW, the Plumber has immediate access to an online catalogue of over 800 Tasks, with thousands of product variables – competing Quotes can be created in minutes and shared with the customer.

Instead of waiting for the end of the day to see the Quotes and count the money…… with Flat Rate NOW, Managers have a near real time view of all Plumbers, Jobs and progress throughout the day. Wherever they are, Managers have oversight of all Jobs, and are alerted whenever a Quote is shared with a client, accepted, invoiced and paid.

Instead of printing different books for different customer types…… Flat Rate NOW supports up to ten pricing tiers. These can represent customer segments, job difficulty, payment methods and contract types. A Strata customer will be charged differently from a domestic customer.

Instead of waiting until you get back to the Office to generate Invoices for your Strata clients…… with Flat Rate NOW, you can generate while onsite, share with the customer and move to the next job.

Instead of waiting for your Plumbers to return to the office with piles of Quotes, Job Sheets, and payments…… with Flat Rate NOW, the back office is alerted whenever a Quote is accepted and an Invoice generated. These can be processed individually immediately or collected and processed in a batch.

Instead of having to type work order and invoice details into accounting systems…… with Flat Rate NOW, the back office has a daily consolidated view of both. These will be in the format of your choice for importing into your existing accounting software.