Flat Rate NOW Update – 17 May 2019

Update to Claiming Jobs

When using the ‘Claim Job‘ feature in the Job List, invoices that have been generated on that job will also appear in your job list. This is so you can view any previous work that may have already been completed and invoiced.


Savings can now appear on your quotation and invoice.


By visiting your Admin Console, head to ‘Configuration‘ and within the subheading ‘Selling Prices‘ is a new option Savings.

Simply tick the box ‘Show Savings on Quotes‘ and choose which Pricing Option is your ‘Standard Rate’

Generally, this will be Selling Price 1


Please Note

When you enable Savings under Configuration, it will appear on all quotations and invoices. 

Choosing a ‘VIP‘ pricing tier for a task in order to provide a saving but then increasing the total quote value with the Quote Adjustment feature, will cancel out the saving according to the increase you apply. 

Accepted Quote Email

As a business owner, you will receive an ‘Accepted Quote Email‘ every time a quotation is accepted in Flat Rate NOW.


When a quotation was accepted, within the following email was simple information:


When a quote is accepted, the email will provide the following information:

Accepted Tasks: This tells you the number of tasks within the quotation

Expected Labour Hours: Each task has an assigned Labour component. This provides you the expected sum of the labour for the quote

Material Cost: The cost of materials within the quotation

Expected Margin*: The expected margin on the quotation. 

Savings: The savings that have been provided on the quotation

Complimentary Tasks: The number of complimentary tasks


**The expected margin is provided as a guide. It is a combination of Product Mark ups, Your Labour Cost, Labour Sell Rate and the labour assigned to the task. If you spend less time on the job, that expected margin may be higher, if you spend more time on the job, then the expected margin could be lower.

As always, to ensure you have the latest version of Flat Rate NOW, refresh your browser each morning.

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