From Apprentice To Qualified in 1hr

Hiring a new employee is a large investment by the business. Time spent reading resumes, recruiting agency fees, time spent interviewing, putting together contracts and officially signing off. As a business owner, you are already spending time and money before you have even hired a new employee.

Once you’ve made the decision, all new recruit needs training. According to a number of available stats online, training a new recruit will cost the business approximately 38% of the annual salary.

So, on top of the cost of getting the new recruit into your business, you are then spending the equivalent of approximately 38% of their annual salary in time training costs. You may think, well, it’s not me doing it, I have my other employees training the new recruit, your other employees spending their time giving advice, training or explaining processes eats into your pocket.

At $100,000 salary, about $38,000 will be assigned to training costs. That’s before your employee has even made you any profit!

This is daunting for any business owner.

With Flat Rate NOW’s new ‘Train My New Recruit’ package, our aim is to have your new employee progress from ‘Flat Rate Apprentice’ to ‘Qualified Flat Rate Tradie’ in 1 hour.

For a small investment of $200, your new recruit will have a 1HR – 1on1 session with Flat Rate NOW* and be ready to quote jobs!

You will be one step closer to earning money from your new employee.

*This will be completed via screenshare. On site requests will incur additional costs.

*Flat Rate NOW are unable to educate and train on your individual business internal processes – this session is solely focused on the sales process and utilising Flat Rate NOW to win jobs.

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