ServiceM8 Integration Update – 3 July 2019

As of the 3rd of July 2019, the follow updates have been released for the ServiceM8 Integration.



  • When a quote is accepted for a job, the job automatically removes itself from the job list in Flat Rate NOW – 24 hours later
  • Jobs will no longer automatically hide themselves after 24 hours when a quote is accepted
  • When a job is marked as Complete in ServiceM8, Flat Rate NOW will hide the job from the job list 24 hours later
  • If a job in Flat Rate NOW has an accepted quote but it is not updated to completed in ServiceM8, after 14 days, it will automatically hide itself to reduce clutter.
  • Only Accepted Quotes were sent over to ServiceM8 from Flat Rate NOW
  • Accepted quotes will now also send over the accepted PDF quote to ServiceM8
  • Accepted Quotes will also include the work order documentation
  • When a quotation is sent or downloaded, it is automatically sent as a PDF to the JOB diary in ServiceM8


  • Saved ScratchPad Options only stayed in Flat Rate NOW
  • When you click “save to backend” in your scratchpad, a PDF will be generated of the options and sent to ServiceM8 and appear in the Job Diary of the ServiceM8 Job

To enable this new feature, you simply head over to the Office View, Select Configuration and enable ‘Send PDF attachments to ServiceM8’.

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