The latest improvements for Flat Rate NOW focus on the Scratchpad.

We truly believe the Scratchpad is a power selling tool. And as with all tools, they need to be up kept to ensure consistency.

Feedback indicated that there was an inconsistency in storing your active Scratchpad. At times, you would lose your option and be reverted to an ‘older’ version of your scratchpad.


  • Archiving Scratchpads – automatically
    • Your scratchpad will automatically archive the oldest scratchpad you still have readily available on your device to ensure you do not lose any data on your active scratchpad
  • Archiving Scratchpads – manually
    • A new button is available titled “ARCHIVE SCRATCHPAD”. This button will archive all your open scratchpad options and send them to the server.
  • Retrieving Archived Scratchpads
    • If you open a job that you previously created a scratchpad but has now been archived, the system will automatically communicate with the server to retrieve your scratchpad options.
  • Deleting Scratchpad Options
    • If you reset your scratchpad for Job #1234, it will clear the archived options for Job #1234
  • Claiming Jobs – Moves Scratchpad
    • If Tradie A has archived the Scratchpad, Tradie B can claim the job and retrieve the archived Scratchpad for the very same job!

Itemise & Not itemised Options Within Scratchpad


  • Itemise & Not Itemised Options
    • If your option was itemised and you configured a task in your option, your scratchpad would change the option to not itemised, causing confusion.
    • We have improved this function and moving forward your option will remain either Itemised or Not Itemised as per your choice.
  • Configured Settings
    • When you were creating an option, if your settings were set to Not Itemised, you were hindered by the scratchpad making a suggested addon itemised.
    • We have improved this function and moving forward your option will remain as per your configured setting.

Other Updates:

Here is a list of other updates released on Flat Rate NOW:


  • When a quotation is sent, the status of the quote is PENDING. Pending indicates that you are still awaiting a response from your client
  • If a quotation has a status of PENDING or ACCEPTED and that quote is cancelled, an email is sent notifying the office
  • 36 New Tasks are available for Plumbing
  • 19 New tasks are available for Electrical


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Please remember to refresh your application to receive the latest updates!

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