Reasons To Choose Flat Rate NOW #1

Flat Rate NOW is your Plumbing Price Book direct from an iPad to your customer. No need to write prices down. No need to do any calculations. Use the cloud based App to quickly generate Option Sheets and Quotes on the iPad, while you build rapport and trust in front of your customer.


Swap your out-of-date pre-printed menu pricing books for the iPad App with real-time catalogue prices of 1,000s of task and product options with supplier price lists from Reece, Co-op and more.



Simply Quote a job from the comprehensive online task catalogue. Your customer agrees, then electronically signs the Quote on your iPad. The Quote is instantaneously emailed to the customer and your head office. You complete the job, then using the App, email the Invoice immediately to your head office and to the customer.



No more paperwork or accounting to complete after-hours. Finish your admin on the day of the job – Get your family life back!



Flat Rate NOW integrates easily with ServiceM8 and other field service management software.


AUSTRALIAN TRAINING AND SUPPORT TEAM is 100% Australian owned. Software written and designed by Australian Plumbers, for Australian Plumbers.  FREE hands-on Sydney based training workshops. Australian Support Team available on phone or email.




  • Confidently upsell in front of customers
  • Professional Quotes increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce marketing costs with market intelligence reporting
  • Close more sales with a higher Quote acceptance rate
  • Save time on a plumbing site with instant Quotes and Invoicing Reward plumbers on their performance
  • Out-of-the-box pricing catalogue or tailor to your needs, you choose

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