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To many tradesmen, software is seen as impossible. You may be on the tools most of the day but your customers aren’t. They want quotes immediately, invoices instantly and an update before you’ve even had a chance to scratch yourself.

By resisting software, you are resisting what your clients want from your business and this will negatively impact your business and allow your competitors to thrive. All it takes from your competitors are “we give you instant quotes” or “we invoice immediately so you know we are finished”

Lets debunk the whole process of implementing software and why it is important to collect the most valuable aspect of any software – the data.

It’s Time To Understand

The first thing to understand is that you use software to produce data (yes, software improves your business processes too) – it can seem like a minefield at first, but don’t be nervous. Once you start to embrace what data can do for you and your trade business, you’ll quickly start to see the benefits, and understand how data can help make running your business less stressful and more enjoyable.

For example, you notice that when you give your call out fee for free before they’ve accepted the job, you’re more likely to lose the job but if you charge the call out fee and then present the quote, you’re more likely to win the job, would you alter your sales process?

It’s not only your competitors that adopt technology, your customers are as well. They use software/technology to improve how they interact with businesses every day.

A great example are review platforms. Your potential customers are reviewing your business on review platforms before they’ve even picked up the phone. If you’re no where to be seen, do you think they’ll take the chance calling your business if your competitor has hundreds of 5-star reviews?

What can you do to start?

The excuse of ‘I’m a tradie not a tech-guy’ is no longer valid. As technology becomes easier and easier to use and the significant rise in consulting businesses ready to support your business, you must have technology in your business if you aim to be around for long.

What can you do to start implementing software?

By understanding where you stand today, you can begin to roll out your very own software strategy and see how it transforms your business. Always remember, do one at a time!

Here are 3 steps to consider:

  1. List all software that you are currently using? (here’s a list to help)
    • Accounting Software
    • Quoting Software
    • Invoicing Software
    • Payments Software
    • Job Management
    • Scheduling/Calendar Software
    • Social Media Platforms
    • Client Relationship Management Platforms
    • Consulting Services (Digital Marketers, Lead Generators, Business Consultants etc)


  1. From the list of software you aren’t using, which one is causing you the most pain? (here are some ideas)
    • With no accounting software, you can’t easily track your tax and when you visit your accountant, you’re usually hit with a tax bill.
    • With no quoting software, you must head home and write up the quotes at the end of the day which impacts your chance of successfully winning the job.
    • With no invoicing software, you sometimes forget to invoice the job and cannot ask for payment which significantly impacts your cash flow.
    • With no Job Management, you don’t know what you did for clients in the past.
    • With no Scheduling/Calendar software, you lose jobs or forget to schedule the job.
    • With no Social Media Platforms, you can’t build an online presence.
    • With no Client Relationship Management platforms, you can’t reduce your marketing spend by communicating with existing clients and are always trying to find new leads


  1. Once you have chosen your first software to implement, create a list of 3-5 different software companies that designed a solution and do some research:
    • Speak with your friends & family
    • Speak with other tradies
    • Ask questions on a forum (social media or tradie forums)
    • Receive a demo
    • Contact a consultant to walk you through implementing

After you’ve completed those 3 steps and have information on your list of software, you can now choose which one you want to implement and begin improving your business.

Now that you understand technology better, hear it from a known man in the industry – Matt (The Site Shed)

Marcel (FlatRateNOW) met with Matt (The Site Shed) to chat about how technology removes friction and improves efficiency in businesses today! This is part 2 of a 3 part mini series that discussed technology and data.

Click on the image to head over to the podcast!

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