Headings & Description Updates

To reduce confusion with Customer Supplied items, we have begun improving the way your headings & descriptions are written in the catalogue.

Previously, we noted SUPPLY in the heading and used the word in the description. When the product was customer supplied, you chose the ‘Customer Supplied’ product. 

Your feedback indicated that there were times when the client ignored the note in the description that outlines that customer supplied products do not include any cost.

Removing SUPPLY

We are removing SUPPLY from the headings and descriptions of the tasks within the catalogue (where appropriate). This will reduce the confusion with your clients and emphasize the note within the description.

Where tasks were developed specifically for customer supplied, this will not change as they are already clearly stated for customer supplied purposes.

This will be an on-going update as we review all the tasks that are currently available in our catalogue and ensure any future tasks are ‘compliant’.

Please remember to refresh your application each morning to ensure you have the latest products, prices and task information.

Any Plumbing tasks that were specifically created for Customer Supplied items have not been altered and will remain. 

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