Hot Water System Section Update

Spring Clean.

Ensuring your catalogue is neat and tidy, we’ve gone through each product individually to make sure they are 100% accurate.

    • Old Products Removed
      • Redundant or outdated products have been removed from the catalogues.
    • New Products Added
      • The latest products from Rheem, Rinnai, Thermann, Dux, Bosch etc.
    • Images Updated
      • No one likes outdated photos. Current existing products have all had a make-over.
    • Product Filter Updated
        • Filter your brands, Warranty, Element Rating and much more with greater ease!
    • Old Tasks Replaced
      • There were several tasks in HWS section that were replaced with higher performing tasks. These tasks are labelled better and provided proper quotation information.
    • Updated Descriptions
      • Tasks that were lacking descriptive descriptions have been updated.

Remember to refresh your application to ensure it has the latest version!

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