What is the most overused Australian phrase that does nothing to protect your business?

Answer: ‘Ah, she’ll be right’.

Too many trade businesses are operating under the assumption of ‘She’ll be right’.

  • No Terms and Conditions
  • No Privacy Policy
  • No Website Policies
  • No Credit Application Forms
  • No Personal/Directors Guarantees

Insurance can only protect you from the unforeseen with an active, paid up policy, and correctly worded documents can only protect you and your business if they are provided to your clients at the appropriate times.

Like a vehicle without an engine, A quotation without Terms & Conditions looks great but isn’t going to help you when you need it most.

The Unfortunate Truth

Everyday we hear from business owners that don’t have any of the basic documents that make their business legally compliant, protect their business from dishonest clients and protect their own personal assets. Many aren’t sure why they need it, and many don’t know where to get them from.

Unfortunately, this results in the sourcing of T&Cs or privacy policies off the internet that are not tailored to your trade and therefore are not of any benefit at all.

For example, a Flat Rate NOW user uploaded Terms & Conditions that were specifically written for the Brick Laying trade. This not only nullified his Terms & Conditions but could have caused greater damage to his business for breaching the Copy Right of these documents for not receiving approval to use the Terms & Conditions.

Flat Rate NOW have searched high and low for a great business that not only offers the important service of developing these documents specific to your business, specific to your trade but also offer a wider range of services that interlink.

Servicing close to 80,000 businesses across Australia and New Zealand, EC Credit Control offer a whole range of services such as:

  • Tailored Terms of Trade
  • Credit Reporting
  • Personal Property Securities Register (PPRS) Assistance
  • Debt Recovery
  • Sub Contractor Agreements
  • Privacy manuals and requirements.

EC Credit Control offer a free consulting service to review your current documentation to ensure what you are handing to your client’s actually protects your business and the documentation is:

  • Accurate
  • Legally binding
  • Trade Specific
  • Will protect you when required

If you would like EC Credit Control to contact you, fill out the below form alternatively contact Joe Davis on 0410 875 299 for an informal informative and no obligation meeting to discuss your business, evaluate your current situation, and discuss your requirements in order to provide maximum protection and compliance under current legislation.

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