Update to Complimentary Process

As of the 5th of February, the following Complimentary Update is live.


What Should I Expect?

The Complimentary Update has made changes to the following areas:

  • Front Application
    • When you make a task Complimentary, it will now note on the front application in red
  • Generated Quotes and Invoices
    • When you Send a quotation or Download and generate an itemised report, it will include the price of the task and note Complimentary. This update is to ensure your clients understand the value of the task and that it is not ‘free’ even after the work has been completed.


Please note that the prices present on the quotation are for demo purposes only.


How do I receive this update?

Simply ensure you have refreshed your application and it will automatically include this new Complimentary Update.


How do I make a task complimentary?

To make a task complimentary, follow these steps:

  1. Locate your task
  2. Add the task to the quotation
  3. Reopen the task
  4. Click on the Pricing Tier Button
  5. Select Complimentary
  6. Press Continue


What happens if the task doesn’t go complimentary?

If you attempt to make a task complimentary and the option isn’t available, ensure you have added the task to the quotation before attempting to make the task complimentary.


If you have any questions, please contact us

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