Movement Of Jobs Within Flat Rate NOW

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What is the problem being solved?

Moving Jobs around in Flat Rate NOW. 

Historically, once a job was created and assigned to a Plumber, it became set in stone. You could not move that job to another plumber.

On your own? Not a problem. Hire an employee – this can become a problem.


The solution!

With the latest update, within Job List, you will notice a new field called ‘Claim Job‘.


Simply Enter the Job Number and hit enter. 

Within a few moments, you will notice it in your Job List.

You can now review the original quote, add to the new quote, create a new quote or invoice the job.


What happens to the current user on the job when it is claimed?

Lets say Michael has their Job List open and John claims a job from Michael. If Michael tries to click on that exact job that John just claimed, Michael will receive an error message advising that the job has been claimed.


What happens if I accidentally claim a job?

You are not able to ‘unclaim’ a job. If you claim the incorrect job, inform your manager that you have claimed the wrong job. They can inform the appropriate plumber to reclaim their job.

If you encounter any problems, please don’t hesitate to contact the office.

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