Imagine increasing your revenue per job by up to


Introducing Flat Rate NOW

The Australian Sales Tool Making Quoting Simple.

 950+ Maintenance Plumbing Jobs

 Jobs linked to thousands of Products & Materials – Tapware, Toilets/Suites, Drains, Appliances, Hot Water Systems, Relining, Gas

 Simple Quoting, Invoicing & Payment

 Its Your Business – Your Labour Rate, Your Product Mark-up, Your Selling Prices

 Added Business Protection – Client Signature and Terms & Conditions 

 Link to your Dispatching Software*


Join the expanding community of Plumbers using Flat Rate NOW to increase their revenue and accelerate their sales

Sydney Drain Doctor

Chipping Norton Plumbing Review

Hero Plumbing Review

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Would you say no if your customer offered you 20% more?

  • Increase in sales 28% 28%
  • Increase in yield per job 23% 23%
  • Satisfied Plumbers 95% 95%

Problem 1. You can’t increase your revenue with an out-dated catalogue

See how Flat Rate NOW does it

Flat Rate NOW is to Sales as a Stillson is to Plumbing

You imagine the revenue increase.

Turn it into reality

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