Key Features

The Australian Made Sales Tool

Built by Plumbers. Built For Plumbers.


The Digital Price Book For You!

Over 950 Plumbing, Drainer and Gas Fitter tasks linked to thousands of products – specific to Australia.

No need to find the time to manage your own price-book, let Flat Rate NOW carry the stress. 

Simply add your Company LogoLabour Sell RateProduct Mark Up & Pricing Tiers and Flat Rate NOW is yours.

  • Hot Water Installation & Servicing
  • Plumbing Maintenance
  • Blocked Drains & Drainage Repair (including Pipe Relining)
  • Gasfitting & Gas Appliance Installation
  • Roofing, Guttering & Rainwater Tanks
  • Electrical

The Price Book is one feature, however, scroll down to find out how Flat Rate NOW will benefit you!

Increase Sales

Feedback from current Flat Rate NOW users is an astonishing increase of 25% in winning the job. Simple, effective quoting increases the confidence your client has in your plumber!

Reduce Marketing Costs

Flat Rate NOW integrates with Trustpilot. This new integration lets you track which of your plumbers are receiving 5 star reviews and which suburbs the job is in. Allowing you to target the suburbs that respond better to your business. Better target your clients, if your plumber receives greater reviews doing HWS over Blocked Drains, increase your success by sending the appropriate plumber.

Increase Value of Each Job

Plumbers see an increase of 14% in the value of their job with Flat Rate NOW. Using an up-to-date catalogue means you are quoting with the latest material prices. Stop short-changing yourself – you can’t ask your client for another $50 because you had an old material catalogue when you provided the quote!

Plumbing Supplier Price Lists

Don’t want to use our prices for materials, you can import your own for Reece, Tradelink & Co-op to provide quotes with even greater accuracy.

Upsell with Confidence

Don’t forget to upsell! With Flat Rate NOW, we suggest add-on tasks for your jobs. This will prompt even your most shy Plumber. With a simple click on the screen, your Plumber will offer prices to your client. To have the opportunity, you have to give a price to win the job!


Customisable Pricing

Increasing your client retention by offering a Loyalty Discount or Membership pricing is simple in Flat Rate NOW. With access to up to 10 Pricing Tiers, you can create a pricing tier to suit any client. Difficult Situations stripping all the profits from your jobs? Create an increased Pricing Tiers.

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