Key Features

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A Comprehensive Sales & Service Catalogue

Includes more than 1,000 (and growing) pre-built tasks and thousands of variants for the Australian Plumbing industry.  Currently set to a Business-in-a-Box model already populated with prices, however, we can tailor to your business’ pricing, the choice is yours.

  • Hot Water Installation & Servicing
  • Plumbing Maintenance
  • Blocked Drains & Drainage Repair (including Pipe Relining)
  • Gasfitting & Gas Appliance Installation
  • Roofing, Guttering & Rainwater Tanks
  • Electrical


Close More Sales

Plumbers using Flat Rate NOW have seen a 25% increase in Closing jobs.  One customer is now Closing 85% of all sales calls and only offering discounts on 20% of those jobs.  Ask us how 0413 601 612





Reduce Marketing Costs

Flat Rate NOW helps your business maximise the return on marketing expense by increasing Closed jobs, at a higher value.  Therefore you require less jobs to earn the same or higher revenue, which in turn reduces the cost of acquiring a new customer, reducing marketing spend.

Increase Value of Each Job

Plumbers with Flat Rate NOW have seen the Value of their jobs increased by 14%.  Using the up-to-date catalogue means you are quoting the latest prices rather than relying on your memory or scribbled notes on out-of-date pricing books.  The Tasks ensure all components are included in the quote so you don’t miss out on parts or labour that can get forgotten in the calculations.  Using the App keeps like for like jobs consistently priced.

Plumbing Supplier Price Lists

Import existing Supplier price lists, Reece, Co-op and more….. or create your own.

Upsell with Confidence

The App gives your plumbers more confidence in Add-On services or Upselling.  Not everyone is comfortable writing Quotes or calculations in front of customers, no more sitting in the van for 20 minutes working out the cost of the job.  The detailed Quotes provide your customer with an itemised list of what work is carried out, providing them with transparency and validates the value of the service your qualified and experienced plumbers provide.


Customisable Pricing

Flat Rate NOW offers Business-in-a-Box pricing using a standard catalogue of over 1,000 tasks, or tailor your own catalogue with the App allowing up to 10 pricing Tiers, e.g. Strata, VIP Customers, Difficult Installation etc.