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Flat Rate NOW Pricing Frequently Asked Questions

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“There are excel and paper price books on the market, are you affiliated with any of them?”

No, Flat Rate NOW is an independent company with no ties or links to current Excel or Paper Price books on the market. The Flat Rate NOW system is unique to the Australian market.

If you are approached by ‘Partners’ of Flat Rate NOW, check and ensure you use only accredited Partners, located here. Be mindful of scammers.

Do I need to provide my credit card details to start the Free trial?

No, you do not need to provide credit cards details for the free trial. You will need a payment method to ensure you have continued access when your trial finishes.

I’m not a Flat Rate plumber, I currently use the Time & Materials method, how do I calculate my hourly rate so I can setup Flat Rate NOW? 

Use our Flat Rate Calculator to give you the rate to use in configuration.

I’ve used the Flat Rate Calculator.  What do the other hourly rates mean?

  • ‘Net Chargeable Hour excl GST’ is your current Time and Material hourly rate including ‘Cost of doing business’ i.e. business overheads, salaries, P&L etc.
  • What is the ‘Flat Rate NOW Hourly rate’?  This is the basis for all your Flat Rate NOW app calculations!
  • Why is the ‘Flat Rate NOW Hourly rate’ lower than the ‘Your Service Task Hourly… $xxx excl GST’?  The ‘Flat Rate NOW’ rate excludes ‘lost’ hours. i.e. travel between jobs, callbacks, paperwork etc.
  • How to use ‘Flat Rate NOW Hourly rate’?  When you configure your Flat Rate NOW trial or subscription, simply apply the Flat Rate NOW Hourly rate at the setup stage.  This rate will then formulate all the calculations specific to your plumbing business going forward.
  • ‘Your Service Task Hourly… $xxx excl GST’ is your ‘Cost of doing business’ hourly rate including your profit margin. (i.e. Business overheads, salaries, P&L etc.) 
  • When do you use the Service Task Rate?  The Service Task Rate enables you to tailor quotes that are not pre-loaded as existing catalogue tasks.  Going forward, this enables you to tailor solutions for your clientele, knowing you have included all costs of doing business, plus a profit margin to enable your business to prosper.

What are your Terms & Conditions?

Read our End User License Agreement here

Am I locked into a plan once I start my subscription?

No, our model is a pay-by-the-month subscription or we have an annual subscription which gives you a month for free, i.e. pay 11, get 12 months.  At any time you can upgrade from the pay-by-the-month to the annual to receive the free month.

Can I cancel?  Is there a penalty or termination waiting period?

Yes, you can cancel at any time.  With the pay-by-the-month, your monthly subscription will finish at the end of the current paid month.  With the annual subscription you will be refunded for the unused full calendar months, based on an 11 month subscription.  Therefore you will pay for the months you used as if it were pay-by-the-month.

I used the initial setup training, but I need help to train my team and possibly do ride-alongs, can you help?

Flat Rate NOW is able to provide Process Integration Consultancy and Sales Training for a competitive daily rate and additional reasonable travel expenses for our interstate customers.  This option for additional on site training and Ride-Alongs is where our experienced team with Plumbing backgrounds can provide support with real jobs and customers.

How do I reset or change my Flat Rate NOW password

Password reset Click here to change or reset your Flat Rate NOW password

I have registered for the Access Pass, how do I update the settings to my business?

We have created an extensive FAQ Guide that will explain how to set up Flat Rate NOW to your business.

How do I manage my jobs in Flat Rate NOW?

Flat Rate NOW is a sales tool – we are job focused, not customer focused. Similar to tailoring Flat Rate NOW to your business, head to our extensive FAQ Guide for managing jobs.

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