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  4. 17th October 2017
  5. Scratch Pad – Update Multiple Options

Scratch Pad – Update Multiple Options

Scratch Pad – Adding a Task to multiple Options

Plumbers often have to add the same Task to multiple Options in Scratch Pad. This is especially true of Call-Out fees and Memberships, but you may also want to offer two separate versions of a Task to a Customer, each with a different Product. In Flat Rate NOW, you can now add a Task to multiple Options as the same time.

To add a Task to more than one option:

1. From Scratch Pad, tap Add Item (see below)

2. In the Price Book select the Task you want to add.

3. Before pressing the Add button in the Task Detail View, tap the Options you want to add it to (see below). In this example we selected the Standard Service Call task, and tapped A, B and C and then Add

4. You will see the Task in every Option selected

5. You can keep adding other Tasks to Options – see below

TIP: The Option does not need to have been created before you can add Tasks to it