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  5. Scratch Pad – Duplicate Options

Scratch Pad – Duplicate Options

Duplicating Options in Scratch Pad

Often you build an Option in Flat Rate NOW, and then wish to create a new Option that only has minor changes from the first. In Flat Rate NOW you can now Duplicate an Option. Duplicated Options can be created as new Options or merged into an existing Options.

To Duplicate an Option in Flat Rate NOW:

1.In Scratch Pad decide the Option you wish to Duplicate – Option A below

2. Tap on the Option as if you were going to create a Quote, but this time tap Duplicate (see below). In this example we choose Option A.

3. Tap which Option you want to duplicate it into, and choose whether you want to Merge it into that Option or Replace it – here we choose the Merge Option A into Option B.

4. Option B is now ready to be configured. Below we tapped Configure in Option B and changed the Rheem from Option A for an Aquamax, so the prices can be compared.

5. Keep going until you have all the options you need. In the example below, we duplicated Option B into C and configured A to have a Bosch hot water heater