Flat Rate NOW Calculator

Do you know the real ‘Cost of Doing Business’ in your plumbing company?

Are you interested in moving from Time and Materials to Flat Rate Pricing or are you thinking of making changes to your business structure or personal life?

Use the simple Flat Rate NOW calculator to help you work out your minimum hourly flat rate.

If you need guidance filling in the calculator, contact Flat Rate NOW today (02) 7202 6008.

These calculations are a suggestion of a flat rate pricing structure and the output is to be used as a guideline only.  The figures are entered by you or pre-filled based on NSW state award rates. Take into consideration all aspects of your business before implementation of any new process or procedure. If you are unsure, speak to a business specialist.

Flat Rate Calculation Dev

Part 1 - Available Working Hours

Exclude Office Workers, Accounts, Storeman, etc.
Choose based on your average. If you generally work Monday to Friday, it will be 5 Days. If you generally work Monday to Saturday, it will be 6 days.
Select based on your average working day.
Per Employee:

Part 2 - Lost & Not Chargeable Working Hours

To increase the accuracy of your figures, it is best you complete Part 2 (Optional)

Part 3 - Cost of Each Employee Per Year:

To increase the accuracy of your figures, it is best that you complete Part 3 (Optional)

Part 4 - Profits and Expenses

What have you budgeted as expenses for the next 12 months? Excluding Wages.
How much do you want to make over your cost?


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