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Use Flat Rate NOW and Learn more about your Business

Target your Marketing by Post Code, Season and Customer. Focus your Marketing on your most Profitable Tasks. Reward your Plumbers on profit earned not cash generated. Fine Tune your pricing for best sales performance. Flat Rate NOW collects information on each Job and...

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How we price with Flat Rate NOW

Pricing is a science and needs periodic fine-tuning It is only by looking at your Job and Sales history, and comparing the sales performance of different Tasks and Task Categories, that you discover which Tasks needed to be discounted most (and least), and which had...

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The Original and Best… NOW even BETTER!

Introducing Flat Rate NOW, the successor to Master Plumbers Network Flat Rate Pricing System. Hate paperwork? As they say, the job’s not finished until the paperwork is done.   Why Flat Rate NOW? 30 Day Free Trial...

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