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Goal Setting: Are you aimlessly running your business?

Goal Setting: Are you aimlessly running your business? Imagine you’re an archer, and your business is the arrow. You unsheathe the arrow, draw the bow-string back, and slowly release. The arrow shoots off at pace, full steam ahead...towards nothing. You...

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Updated Tasks – Plumbing Catalogue (19/03/2019)

Updated Catalogue - Plumbing Tasks The following tasks have recently been added to the Plumbing Catalogue: PlumbingCodeNameDSD0085INSTALL SEEPAGE DRAIN TO GARDEN OR GRASSED AREA - in an ALREADY DUG trench up to 400mm deep x 6 lineal...

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Flat Rate NOW Refer A Mate

Flat Rate NOW 'Refer A Mate' Your reference is the greatest compliment we can receive. 10% OFF your next FRN Subscription payment simply for giving your friends your unique Flat Rate NOW URL How do I generate my unique URL? Step 1. Generating your unique URL is...

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Trustpilot Integration Update – ServiceM8 Users

Update to Trustpilot Trigger For ServiceM8 Users As of the 8th of February, the following update has occurred to the Flat Rate NOW and Trustpilot Integration for ServiceM8 Users.  What should I expect?When you update your ServiceM8 Job Status...

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February 6th – Update

Update to Complimentary Process As of the 5th of February, the following Complimentary Update is live. What Should I Expect?The Complimentary Update has made changes to the following areas:Front ApplicationWhen you make a task Complimentary, it...

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