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New Subscription Platform

New Subscription platformOur plan for 2020 is to significantly improve your experience with FlatRateNOW and offer additional features to help you reach your business goals. Your feedback is what prompted us to review our subscription platform. We were informed that it...

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Making Software Possible

Making Software PossibleTo many tradesmen, software is seen as impossible. You may be on the tools most of the day but your customers aren’t. They want quotes immediately, invoices instantly and an update before you’ve even had a chance to scratch yourself. By...

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December Price File Update – 2019

December Plumbing Price File Update - 2019The prices for Plumbing Material & Products have been updated in FlatRateNOW with the latest December 2019 price file.See below the breakdown of December 2019 Price ChangesThe following price movements have occurred across...

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Improving Headings & Descriptions

Headings & Description UpdatesTo reduce confusion with Customer Supplied items, we have begun improving the way your headings & descriptions are written in the catalogue. Previously, we noted SUPPLY in the heading and used the word in the description. When the...

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Newly Released Tasks – 25Nov

Latest Released TasksOver the last 3 weeks, there have been 34 new tasks released across the FlatRateNOW Catalogue. Here they are:Electrical Code Name HSC0020 REPLACE Meter Panel and INSTALL new Mains Box (Queensland) xeCAB170 Install Rubber Flex Cable in Cavity or...

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November Price File Update – 2019

November Plumbing Price File Update - 2019 The prices for Plumbing Material & Products have been updated in Flat Rate NOW with the latest November 2019 price file. See below the breakdown of November 2019 Price Changes The following price movements have occurred...

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