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Latest Update – 19th July 2019

Latest Updates - July Catalogue Update: Plumbing CodeHeadingDescriptionDBT0071REPLACE IPMF in same locationSupply and Install a new induct pipe mica flap (IPMF) above surface levelDJB0070USE OF WHIPPER HOSE On High Pressure JET BLAST (Includes...

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Customising Tasks

Customising Tasks The Flat Rate NOW catalogue is not 'one size shoe fits all'.Although, we have developed the catalogue, it still needs your tender, love and care.Customising tasks is simple and will allow you to get the price just right for your business!...

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Plumbers’ Supplies Co-op Sydney Trade Show 2019

Plumbers' Supplies Co-op Sydney Trade Show 2019 Did someone say Sydney Tradeshow?We are proud to announce that we will be at the upcoming Plumbers' Supplies Co-op Trade Show in Sydney on the 25th of July 2019!If you've heard through the grapevine the...

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July Price File Update – 2019

July Price File Update - 2019 The prices for Material & Products have been updated in Flat Rate NOW with the latest July 2019 price file. See below the breakdown of July 2019 Price Changes The following price movements have...

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ServiceM8 Integration Update – 3 July 2019

ServiceM8 Integration Update - 3 July 2019 As of the 3rd of July 2019, the follow updates have been released for the ServiceM8 Integration. Previously Update When a quote is accepted for a job, the job automatically removes itself from the job list in Flat...

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Train My Newbie

From Apprentice To Qualified in 1hr Hiring a new employee is a large investment by the business. Time spent reading resumes, recruiting agency fees, time spent interviewing, putting together contracts and officially signing off. As a business owner, you...

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