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Hot Water System Section Update

Hot Water System Section UpdateSpring Clean. Ensuring your catalogue is neat and tidy, we've gone through each product individually to make sure they are 100% accurate. Old Products Removed Redundant or outdated products have been removed from the catalogues. New...

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Get protected and compliant with EC Credit Control

What is the most overused Australian phrase that does nothing to protect your business? Answer: 'Ah, she'll be right'. Too many trade businesses are operating under the assumption of ‘She’ll be right’.No Terms and ConditionsNo Privacy PolicyNo...

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Tapware Section Update

Tapware Section Update  You Spoke.Your feedback was that our tapware section felt like you were scrolling down your Facebook news feed.... never ending.. We listened.To reduce the stress of scrolling, we've now allocated homes for all the tasks that are...

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Quoting Interface Update – Customer/Admin Notes

Quoting Interface Update - Customer & Admin Notes To improve the function of the 'description' box on the quoting screen, Flat Rate NOW has split the field. There are now 2 new fields available; Customer Notes The purpose of this field is...

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Scratchpad Update – Itemise/Non-Itemise

Scratchpad Update All those numbers in your scratchpad causing confusion?   With the latest update, itemise and non-itemise your options to get your sale across the line! Watch me! Have you configured your settings? Watch the following...

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