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Flat Rate NOW is the App that helps all your plumbers SELL MORE.

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Flat Rate NOW is a fixed rate selling & pricing App that allows plumbers and people in related trades to get the best return from their business.

The original integrated pricebook has been developed over 20 years and provides plumbers with a pricing system that is easy to use and highly effective – We’ve turned it into a Digital App.

Easy to install, easy to use.  Exceed customer expectations with instant Quotes approved by the customer, Invoiced on site.  Finish the job and admin at the same time.  No after hours admin to complete, control your cash flow more effectively.

Flat Rate Now is easy to use and provides Customers with on the spot quotes where they can see clearly how we price. This transparency in pricing and our ability to quote jobs on the spot (while still at a Customer’s house) has boosted our sales significantly as Customers are confident that they are being charged fairly……Read More

Paul Skordilis

Sydney Premium Plumbing

What significant improvement has Flat Rate NOW made to current users' plumbing businesses?

“Easier to quote large amount of items fast. No paperwork”
“I love the fact it is digital and most of the tasks I require are in there.”
“Increase in sales.”
“I’m Charging more. Less Paperwork. Quicker quotes. Customers don’t challenge my pricing if it says so on a screen in front of them”
“Higher profits. Less stress. Less confusion with prices. Time saving”
Online Option Sheet

Online Option Sheet

Attend the job, determine work required, use the Online Option Sheet to comprehensively Quote and visually go through with the customer on the iPad.

Quotes and Invoices

Quotes & Invoices

Customer signs the agreed Quote on the iPad, when the job is completed the Invoice is generated on site, you receive payment and a copy of the Invoice is instantly emailed to the customer.

Update Office

Keeping the Office updated

While your Plumbers are on site your Office will receive the signed Quote and Invoice via email, allowing the Office to oversee all jobs in real time.

All customer records and transactions are now Cloud based allowing you to access your database remotely and enabling you to build on your market intelligence thereby reducing marketing costs.

What is Fixed Rate Plumbing and why is it important?

Fixed rate pricing is common in domestic and emergency plumbing and related services, we’ve taken the pre-printed pricing plumbing flat rate books to the digital age by creating an App to quote on 1,000s of catalogued tasks in a fraction of the time.  Use the iPad App to price the job based on all the components and time, no more sitting in your van trying to work out the cost of the job.  Build trust and rapport with your customer walking them through the cost of the job on the iPad in front of them.

If you practise ‘Flat Rating’, it is important to have reliable software that can help you to provide your customers with consistent prices across all the services you sell, plus, build a client database to improve your Marketing.

Flat Rate NOW provides clear pricing so the customer knows how much the job is going to cost before any work begins, with detailed descriptions of the work to be carried out so they know what they are buying.

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Announcing ServiceM8 Integration

Our new ServiceM8 integration provides residential and emergency Plumbers using ServiceM8 the option to leverage Flat Rate NOW’s Paper Towel Close sales tools and Price Book based pricing.

ServiceM8 Certified Partner

Flat Rate NOW is now a ServiceM8 Certified Partner.

This means we can now provide ServiceM8 customers with the tools and support to help Sell More Plumbing Jobs.

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