Next Generation Flat Rate Pricing For Plumbers, Drainers & Gasfitters.

Flat Rate NOW is an app that helps all your plumbers SELL MORE.

Australia’s First Choice Plumbing Software

Flat Rate NOW is a fixed rate selling & pricing app that allows plumbers and people in related trades to get the best return from their business.

The integrated pricebook has been developed over 20 years and provide plumbers with a pricing system that is easy to use and highly effective.

Far more than just a price book.

It’s a great user experience and great for selling. The software really is a work of art


Sunshine West, VIC

The integrated online Option Sheet helps you close more deals

The online Quote and Order generator allow you to save time and the Invoice generator means you get paid faster.

Email alerts allow the office to oversee all jobs as they are being done

The data collected by the system allows you to build on your market intelligence.

What is fixed rate plumbing and why is it important?

Fixed rate pricing is common in domestic and emergency plumbing. If done properly, fixed rate pricing for plumbing jobs is a better option than building itemised price lists for customers. The price is agreed up front with the customer, there is no need to continuously edit and change the price during the job, time is saved, trust is built and the Quotes can be done in front of the client, rather than in the truck.

If you practise ‘Flat rating’, it is important to have reliable software that can help you to provide your customers with consistent prices across all the services you sell.

Flat Rate NOW provides assured pricing and offers fixed prices to the customer before any work begins, with detailed descriptions of the work to be carried out so they know what they are buying.

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Announcing ServiceM8 Integration

Our new ServiceM8 integration provides residential and emergency Plumbers using ServiceM8 the option to leverage Flat Rate NOW’s Paper Towel Close sales tools and Price Book based pricing.

ServiceM8 Certified Partner

Flat Rate NOW is now a ServiceM8 Certified Partner.

This means we can now provide ServiceM8 customers with the tools and support to help Sell More Plumbing Jobs.

How will using Flat Rate NOW grow your business?

  • Close more sales to customers – Plumbers using Flat Rate NOW have seen their sales efficiency increased by 25%. One customer is now closing 85% of all sales calls, and only offering discounts in 20% of those.
  • Increase the value of deals – Plumbers have seen the value of their jobs increase by 14% with Flat Rate NOW.
  • Get all of your plumbers selling more – Plumbers with Flat Rate NOW have the confidence to provide pricing quotes that are accurate and without mistakes. The online option sheet enables plumbers to walk through all the options with confidence and change them in front of the customer. Quoting is quick to do and provides a clear and concise document with detailed descriptions of all the work, Using the app owners have seen their plumbers’ monthly sales rise by 33% on average
  • Increase the return on your marketing investment – Flat Rate  NOW helps your business maximise the return on marketing expense by increasing sales efficiency – a plumber closing 4 out of 5 jobs costs you half as much in marketing as one selling 2 our of 5
  • Make the most of the time on site – You can save time and money through Flat Rate NOW’s easy-to-use tools and efficient calculation functions. You can use the tools in front of the customer and talk them through the options as you create them. You do not waste 20 minutes in the truck creating a quote, only for it to be rejected.
  • Fast return on investment – Each plumber using Flat Rate NOW can expect a return on their monthly subscription from the first job they do each month.

Flat Rate NOW helps to keep you on top of all your plumbing business’s transactions through our integrated data software and app.

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