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Making Flat Rate Pricing SIMPLE

Flat Rate NOW Your Sales Operation

Leverage Flat Rate NOW to empower your clients, offer professional quotes, invoice and receive payment on the spot.

Catalogue of 950+ Maintenance Plumbing Jobs

Thousands of Plumbing Products & Materials – Tap Sets, Toilets, Suites, Hot Water Systems, Relining, Gas, Gutters

Simple Quoting, Invoicing & Payment

Pricing Consistency – Your Labour Rate, Your Product Mark-ups, Your Selling Prices

Added Business Protection – Client Signature and Terms & Conditions 

 Improved Cashflow – Payment Upon Completion of Job

 Connect with your Field Service Management Software

Real Users. Real Results

Offering Flat Rate Pricing to your customers yet?

These companies are. See below how it has impacted their business.

Convert More Jobs

With simple-to-create professional quotes and better communication, you’ll get the winning signature and increase your repeat customers.

Digital Pricing Menu

With Flat Rate NOW’s Digital Pricing Menu up-selling features, businesses achieve on average 30% greater results in their first 3 months.

Multiple Payment Methods

Produce professional invoices with your Terms & Conditions in seconds and accept payment before you leave.

The Key to Success in 3 simple steps…

Online Option Sheet

Online Option Sheet

Attend the job, determine work required, use the Online Option Sheet to comprehensively Quote and visually go through with the customer on the iPad.

Quotes and Invoices

Quotes & Invoices

Customer signs the agreed Quote on the iPad, when the job is completed the Invoice is generated on site, you receive payment and a copy of the Invoice is instantly emailed to the customer.

Update Office

Keeping the Office updated

While your Plumbers are on site your Office will receive the signed Quote and Invoice via email, allowing the Office to oversee all jobs in real time.