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Hate paperwork? As they say, the job’s not finished until the paperwork is done.

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Flat Rate NOW is a comprehensive fixed rate plumbing app that allows plumbers and people in related trades to get the best return from their business.

This flat rate plumbing system has been developed over the course of 20 years and aims to provide plumbers with a cost reduction system that is user-friendly and highly effective.

What is fixed rate plumbing and why is it important?

Flat Rate NOW’s system provides assured pricing and is designed to offer a fixed price to the customer before any work begins.

Fixed rate pricing is a better option than providing an itemised price list for customers as you already have your price laid out for them without the need to continuously edit and change the itemised price list.

Flat rate pricing is regularly utilised in plumbing and it is therefore important to have reliable software that can help you to provide a fixed rate price to your customers.

Announcing ServiceM8 Integration

Our new ServiceM8 integration provides residential and emergency Plumbers using ServiceM8 the option to leverage Flat Rate NOW’s Paper Towel Close sales tools and Price Book based pricing.

Flat Rate NOW improves customer experience and drives sales. It comes with over 800 pre-built tasks, each with easy-to-understand descriptions and images, to help Plumbers communicate to homeowners the services they are buying and value they are receiving.

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ServiceM8 Certified Partner

Flat Rate NOW is now a ServiceM8 Certified Partner.

This means we can now provide ServiceM8 customers with the tools and support to help Sell More Plumbing Jobs.

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How can our system benefit your business?

Flat Rate NOW helps to keep you on top of all your plumbing business’s transactions through our integrated data software and app.

We can help your business to thrive in these following ways:

  • Reducing your marketing costs – Flat Rate NOW assists your business in saving on marketing costs through increased sales efficiency and the opportunity to have more plumbers on a particular job.
  • Saving time on the site – You are able to save time and money for your business through our software’s easy-to-use systems and efficient calculation functions.
  • Increase value on deals – With the software’s fixed rate system, customers are more reluctant to question pricing as they would be through the development of an itemised price list, users have seen the value of their jobs increase by 14% with Flat Rate NOW.
  • Close more sales to customers – Sales efficiency is increased using our software and users have seen quote acceptance rise by 25% since using Flat Rate NOW.
  • Fast return on investments – Flat Rate NOW offers a hasty return on the investment, users have seen a return within the first day of use.
  • Confidence for your team of plumbers – With this software your plumbers will have confidence to provide pricing quotes that are accurate and contain few mistakes. This is important as you want provide your customer with a clear and concise quote, one that they will be happy to accept, thus increasing sales efficiency for your business.


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